Animation program

On camping de Molenhoek there is no need for your (Grand) children to have a dull moment. Every day there is a new leisure program full of entertainment. Such as crafts, dances, games or scavenger hunt. In the morning Loeloe and/or Tijger await your children to play games, in the evening Loek and Lot drop by to tell you everything about their adventures and we end the day with a swinging mini disco.

The recreation program of de Molenhoek is unique. You do not need (in the vacations) to hope that there is something to do, you just watch what to do that day. Because 6 year old kids are not interested in the same things 14 year olds are, of course we keep that in mind when putting together the program.


Offer may month (07 may 2018-3 June 2018)

Offer may month (07 may 2018-3 June 2018)

Spend your holiday in may and enjoy the suroundings and the campinglife at the Molenhoek Read more

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