Kids & Co

Loeloe & Tiger

Kids & Co is the exclusive family brand for all-inclusive hotels, Batavia city, a select number of campsites and is a huge party for children. But Kids & Co does much more! How about the mascots “Loeloe & Tiger”! Not only are they at the camp site, they are also in ' Batavia Stad, and for instance film premieres, which are organized in collaboration with Universal. Actually, there is always something to do at Kids & co. On vacation and at home!

The two biggest children’s holiday friends can hardly wait to meet you at our Kids & Co camping. During the (summer)holidays, Loeloe & Tiger will come and have a look at the clubhouse almost every day and every morning they drop by to do some dancing on their own favourite songs.

Sweet & though

Loeloe is very sweet and plays and likes to talk with the girls at the camp site. She is fond of Tiger even though he sometimes does a little tough. Tiger likes to surf all day, but he is also keen on climbing trees. Loeloe is his very best girlfriend but he shall not admit it of course.

Minidisco and pictures

Loeloe and Tiger are real holiday friends. You will often encounter them on your holiday. Loeloe is crazy about dancing and at the mini disco she will definitely come by. Tiger would dearly love to take a picture of himself with you and your children, so make sure your hair looks good!


Offer may month (07 may 2018-3 June 2018)

Offer may month (07 may 2018-3 June 2018)

Spend your holiday in may and enjoy the suroundings and the campinglife at the Molenhoek Read more

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