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Camping with a group in Zeeland Special facilities

Groups (from 20 people) who like to go camping together with their own tents, caravans and/or trailer tents at Camping de Molenhoek visit our dedicated group area. A nice and social gathering, but with that extra bit of privacy.

Group tents Always easy

If you would like to go camping with a group, but you do not have the possibilities? Starting of today that will be no problem at de Molenhoek! As of now we rent 4 great group tents each for 18 people with bunkbeds to sleep in. Of course, each tent has an corresponding staff tent for group activities or to eat together. It is also possible to rent a stage Hall (per hour) for indoor activities. Ask for the possibilities and rates when booking. Staying in our group tents is based on self-sufficiency, but obviously you are welcome to order at the snack-bar or in the restaurant.

Because of all the families staying at our camping site and the location of the group area and the group tents, de Molenhoek is not the right place for groups that would like to party all week(end)

  • Aanwezig met 58 personen van onze VW oldtimerclub tijdens het afgelopen Pinksterweekend. Geen enkel negatief punt: personeel, terrein, recreatie mogelijkheden, sanitair...waren perfect!! 

    Dhr. Lambrecht
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