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Information Corona

The measures regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) may have consequences for your stay at the Molenhoek campsite and in Zeeland. Of course, your safety and the safety of our employees is our highest priority. Within the Molenhoek and in Zeeland we follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. You can read more about the measures below.

Do you hesitate about whether or not to rebook, cancel or do you have other questions? We would like to get in touch with you to resolve your concerns as much as possible! Each situation and each reservation is examined separately by us and an appropriate solution will be offered in each situation. In any case, we would like to point out that the voucher is valid for 12 months. If you have not been able to exchange it at the end of the term, we can refund the amount.

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UPDATE Marz 13, 2021 12:03 PM

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The toilet blocks on the campsite are open.
In addition to the extensive hand-washing instruction for both colleagues and our guests, additional cleaning rounds are scheduled. Also items that are touched a lot such as door handles, shower knobs, taps, toilet seats and waste bins are additionally disinfected with alcohol. In addition, all our open public buildings are equipped with hygiene stations.
The catering is closed
The playgrounds are open
When our (larger) accommodations are used by more than one household, the 1.5 meter rule also applies. A group may consist of a maximum of 4 people (excluding children up to and including 12 years old), unless it consists of a household. Are you with one household? Then no maximum number of people applies.
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Hygiene measures

We have given extra hygiene instructions to our employees and have taken extra hygiene measures around cleaning;
We do not shake hands and avoid physical contact;
We keep 1.5 meters away;
We wear non-medical face masks in all public indoor areas;
Employees are only at work if they are in good health and work from home where possible;
Make sure you also take the required hygiene measures yourself and follow the measures and instructions of our employees at the park.
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We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and the recommendations of the health authorities. Rest assured that the safety and health of our guests and employees is our absolute priority. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Bliek family and employees

Update: 13-03-2021

Do you have questions about your booking?

Given the extraordinary circumstances, we are currently receiving a lot of questions. Due to pressure, our waiting time and / or response time may be slightly longer than you are used to from us.

Update: 13-03-2021 for owners of a mobile home or chalet

Are you a regular guest with a mobile home or a chalet on our camping and in doubt if you are able to visit our campsite this winter?!? The website of the

Are you from an area with an orange or red traveladvice and/or you live in the EU or an Schengcountry (for example Belgium, Germany or Luxemburg)? Than you are allowed to travel to the Netherlands according to the Dutch government. The matter of your travel is irrelevant. That said there do is an mandatory quarantine of at least 5 days. You can read more about this below.

Familymembers that are allowed to travel with you are:

  • your children;
  • the person you are married with;
  • the person you have an registered partnership with;
  • the person with whom you have a lasting relationship of at least 6 months. You have to be able to prove this.

At this moment there isnt a negative test result required for travelers who travel to the Netherlands by car. Keep in mind that in every country there are measures against the spread of the Corona virus, so perhaps the countries where you travel through are having different measures.

Travelers with a positive test result of the Corona virus are not allowed to travel. Not to the Netherlands, not even if you dont feel healthy.

A negative test result is not a replacement of your mandatory quarantaine due arrival on our camping. Also with a negative test result you have to stay in your accomodation for 10 days. After the 5th day of your arrival in the Netherlands you can get re-tested to shorten your quarantainetime. 

On your 5th day after arrival you can get tested on the Corona virus. Even without complaints. If your results are negative you are allowed out of quarantaine. For an appointment you can call the GGD on the number 0800-1202 or through You can call on the day you arrive. An online appointment cant be made before your 5th day.

Why testing on day 5

The time between infection and the moment complaints are shown, is mostly 5 days. Thats why you have to wait untill 5 days before you get tested. If you test to early you could still develop complaints. Be extra carefull and avoid volnerable people untill day 10. Sometimes it shows that people develop complaints after day 5.

If you get complaints after your arrival on the campsite...

If you get complaints after your arrival on the campsite? Then make a test appointment as soon as possible. Dont wait with testing after day 5. Are the results negative? You stay in quarantaine cause you still could develop the Corona virus. On day 5 you can re-test on the virus. Tested negative? You are allowed out of quarantaine. But always stick to the general measures.

Shortly said; You’re free to travel to the campsite. Follow the quarantaine rules of 10 days if you are from Belgium, Germany and/or Luxembourg. Keep in mind that even us and our staff members are not going on a holliday, we are following the guidelines set up by the government. By following the guidelines we don’t spread the Corona virus, and hopefully coming spring we can enjoy our “limited” freedom. We kindly ask you if you still decide to travel to the campsite from abroad, not to contact us, our employees and the external companies that are working on the site. In this way, together we get Corona virus under control as soon as possible.